What is a Design Concept in LEED

For many non-building design professionals, you must understand the basic meaning of what a design concept is during your exam prep for the LEED exam. In your LEED exam preparation and reading the green exam study guide, you will often see the term "design concept". In any building design or interior design project, the project will need to go through a concept design stage in one form or another resulting in a design concept. A design concept is really a design approach or a design direction inorder to carry the building design project forward to completion of the design work for the building all prior to the actual construction of the building). A design concept serves as the design foundation and basis of the design process for a building design project. In LEED project, it is important for the design team to develop a design concept that will clearly utilize sustainable design strategies as an integral strategies and not as an add-on to the project just to meet all the LEED … [Read more...]

How hard is the LEED Green Associate Exam

If the LEED GA or Green Associate exam is to compared to the LEED AP exam and if you are currently planning to write the green associate exam, you are in luck, the green associate exam is easier than the LEED AP exam. Well of course, that is why there are 2 green exam, the GA and the AP... and of course the green associate exam is easier as it is the first level of the LEED credential. However, if you are writing the green associate exam, don't underestimate the exam. You will still need to put in alot of hard work and study time inorder to pass the exam. If you are not in the architectural design or building construction industry, you will definitely find the green associate study materials to be difficult. I can tell you, being an Architect and have been in the building design and construction industry for over 20 years, preparing for the exam was not an easy task and all the study materials were completely new to me as well. Remember, sustain design or green design is … [Read more...]

Commissioning Tasks in a LEED Project

Rather you are preparing for the LEED GA or LEED AP exam, understanding "commissioning" is important to pass the LEED exam. You will definite encounter a few questions on commissioning on your LEED exam. Read my articles on other topics of commissioning before you read this articel. What is Commissioning? Commissioning should begin during the design phase and should continues through to construction, acceptance and operations through to the warranty period of the building. Briefly, the commissioning tasks in LEED should be involved are as follows: Review design intent and basis of design documents prepare a commissioning plan perform design review perform construction document review commissioning should be incorporated into the project schedule conduct commissioning meetings prepare commissioning reports perform seasoning performance testing conduct near end  of warranty review identify outstanding warranty issues before the end of warranty period review … [Read more...]

What is Water Efficiency

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The Hardest Part for the LEED Exam Preparation

I can tell you, the hardest part was finding the right LEED study materials and study guides. You will most likely spend alot of time searching for study materials and reviewing them. What I found was that alot of them were useless and for me, I wasted alot of money. As I can recall, only about 1/3 of the third party study guides I purchased really worth the studying, the rest were basically junks. The second hardest part in preparing for the exam is knowing and learning how to utilize the study materials and the timing of using them for your LEED exam prep. I can tell you, one wrong prep move can cause you failing the exam. The third hardest part in preparing the exam is finding time to learn and absorb the materials. Remember, you want to pass the LEED exam on your first try. I attended a $900 LEED exam prep course at a college and it completed wasted my money and time. I should of used the money to purchase more supporting study materials. Most of these short courses will … [Read more...]

How Much Money Should I spent to Prepare for the LEED Exam

How much you wish to invest for your LEED exam prep will depend on how desperate you are wanting to pass the exam. Just for the registration fees for the LEED GA or AP exam will range you from $250  - $350 and if you are planning to complete the LEED AP+ exam as well, you are looking at just for the total registration and exam fees to be about $700 USD... that is if you don't fail any of the exam. If you are a member, it will be abit cheaper more closer to $600 USD. Frankly, still alot cash to ditch out to finish the both exams. Now, if you pls all your study guides and third party supporting study materials and maybe a short in-class instruction or even a weblar class, you can expect to add another $2,000 on top of the registration fees for both exams. The cost really depends on how much time you have for the exam prep and how much you can absord and wish to read and learn. From my experience, I allowed 6.5 weeks with 3 hours per day for my LEED AP+ exam prep. However, I purchased … [Read more...]

How Long will I Need to Prepare for the LEED Exam

I can tell you right now, if you wish to pass the LEED exam the first time around, you will need to spend more time preparing. Inorder to read all the study materials as outlined with GBCI plus all other supporting materials from other sources and really absorb and learn them, for the LEED Green Associate exam or the LEED GA exam, you will need a minimum of 160 hours. The number of hours really depends on how fast you can absorb the material and how much reading you would like to complete... but the lesser you read the higher the chance you might fail the test. However, I have heard some claims they completed the prep studies in 40-60 hours and passed the test... with that kind of hours, your chance of wasting your $350 test fees and failing the exam will be high.  I will tell you this, the more prepare you are and understand the study materials, the better your chance of passing the exam the first time. For me personally, I read almost everything I can get my hands on and … [Read more...]

LEED GA Study Guide – Commissioning Tasks

Commissioning normally the best is to begins during the design phase and continue through construction, acceptance, and operations through the warranty period. Commissioning task can include the following: review design intent and basic of design documents prepare a commissioning plan perform design review perform construction document review incorporate commissioning into project schedule review system and equipment submittals concurrent with engineer's review prepare prefunctional checklist and check all systems and equipment to be tested prepare and maintain a proactive listing of issues and their resolutions conduct commissioning meetings prepare functional performance testing sheets and witness functional performance testing review final O&M manual submission for completeness review training programs prior to contractor presentation and assemble written verification that training was conducted for all commissioned systems and … [Read more...]

LEED GA Study Guide – What is Commissioning

In LEED, the purpose of commissioning is to provide documented confirmation of the building systems function in compliance with criteria set forth in the project documents to satisfy the owner's operational needs. Commissioning is a systematic process for ensuring that all building systems perform interactively, as a system, according to the contract documents, the design intent, and the owner's needs. The commissioning process should begins early in the design and continues through construction, acceptance, and operations through the warranty period to be effective. Our buildings, air quality, our environment are all changing all around us and therefore, existing and new buildings should be able to adapt to these changing issues and a method should be used to assist in maintaining and creating better buildings. In sustainable design or LEED projects,  commissioning is utilized for the long-term performance and life cycle costs, safety and indoor air quality, increased … [Read more...]

LEED Study Guide – What is Sustainable Design

As a LEED certified building, the various sustainable design features  can improves the value of the building by: reduced construction cost reduced operation cost reduced maintenance costs produce buildings that are more valuable to owners and occupants reductions in annual operating costs produce a better indoor environment improves productivity due to better environment better employee retention due to better environment improves indoor air quality building with better value in the market place … [Read more...]