How hard is the LEED Green Associate Exam

If the LEED GA or Green Associate exam is to compared to the LEED AP exam and if you are currently planning to write the green associate exam, you are in luck, the green associate exam is easier than the LEED AP exam. Well of course, that is why there are 2 green exam, the GA and the AP… and of course the green associate exam is easier as it is the first level of the LEED credential. However, if you are writing the green associate exam, don’t underestimate the exam. You will still need to put in alot of hard work and study time inorder to pass the exam.

If you are not in the architectural design or building construction industry, you will definitely find the green associate study materials to be difficult. I can tell you, being an Architect and have been in the building design and construction industry for over 20 years, preparing for the exam was not an easy task and all the study materials were completely new to me as well. Remember, sustain design or green design is a pretty new growing industry, many people are still in the learning stage. So, don’t be surprised to find the study materials to be completely foreign. To many of you preparing for the LEED credential and exams, be prepare to learn something completely new.

I remember when I first started to prepare for the LEED exams and I thought being in the building industry for over 20 years, the preparation will be easy… I was wrong, alot of the study materials were completely new to me. However, the understanding of the material was abit easier to absorb as it is still related to building design. I advice to anyone who is not from the building industry, be prepare to study hard and ensuring you have a good to excellent memorizing skills.

Again, finding and reading the right LEED study materials and learning how to prepare for the exam for both the GA and Ap exam is crucial if you wish to pass the exams the first time. Remember, passing the exam first time can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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